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My Idea Center Reset Password Have an orhanization. Log In Submit your username and we'll send you a new password. Username Reset password Your new password has been sent to your email address. Lavorazione Articoli Plastici s. In the following years it specialized also in the realisation and distribution of educational items. Everything we produce is the subject of a permanent quest for quality: choice of suppliers, selection of materials and requirements in terms of manufacturing, assembly and finishing techniques, safety of materials.

All our creations owe their existence to orgnization trading of comptuer with teachers and professionals working with infants. In our company headquarter, an old industrial building recently totally renewed, we are able to work plastic computer organization and design with the techniques of Blowing, Injection and Rotomoulding. Magnetic drawing logic board with computer organization and design magnet dots and 18 cards. Mathematical Education: logical combination, identifying amounts, shapes.

Art Education: identifying and naming computer organization and design, completing Images. Fine motor skills by using the magnetic pen, knowledge about different kinds of food.

Science Education: identifying animals and their habitats. Board game consisting of 72 forms (square, diamond, oval, heart, circle, triangle), 54 cards and a service bell. Each child has to reproduce the sequence illustrated on the card as quickly as possible. Educational goals: hand-eye coordination, recognition of shapes and colors, fine organizatioj skills, observation, logic. Each child has to reproduce the geometric shape illustrated on the card, which can be desihn or 3D, in the shortest possible computeg.

Educational goals: hand-eye coordination, fine motor skill, color recognition. Organizayion the child's logical thinking ability It helps improve mind skills, motor skills and hand-eye coordination It provides endless hours of fun and entertainment Age: 3 Years and above It includes 32 cards.

This game develops childrens hand-eye coordination, fine motor ability and color sorting. Each child gets a t-shirt board with a thread. The first player uncovers the top card and the bayer rgb of the coloured buttons on the card must be znd onto the t-shirt. Desiggn 4xT-shirts 36xButtons 30xCards 4xThread.

Set consisting of 4 small cars size 5. Very durable material, great quality, suitable for intensive use. Giant Ludo game for indoor or outdoor use. Sold p 10 a practical bag with handles.

From 3 years old. The set contains 30 building blocks 22x6x4 cm made of durable plastic and 1 colour dice in a practical carry bag with organizatjon



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