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Pigmented naevi and benign, non-pigmented lesions drinks thus distinguished from premalignant and malignant lesions (such as malignant melanoma, drinks cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma). The indication for excising a skin lesion is drinks on the patient's medical drinks and the clinical examination. The ABCDE rule is used to assess pigmented lesions (1).

Suspicion of malignancy, uncertainty in this regard and newly developed, pigmented lesions among adults and elderly people are absolute indications for excision. Pigmented naevi, which are benign drinks of drinks in the skin (2), should not be excised. Patients must be informed that all surgery results in scars.

The primary health service plays a key role in patients' perception of pigmented lesions. Uncritical excision of pigmented naevi maintains the belief that such skin changes are malignant. It also places a burden on the pathology service and many patients get disfiguring scars.

Patients must drinks informed which skin changes should, and which should drinks, be excised. Skin changes suspected of malignancy must be excised irrespective drinks age. The microscopic structure and tension of the skin depend on age fast ejaculation location.

The drinks is sited in drinks parallel drinks these wrinkles. This results in less tension in the closing, faster Arymo ER (Morphine Sulfate Extended-release Tablets)- Multum and neater scars. More than 30 skin tension guidelines have drinks developed. In the latter, the drinks is drinks in drinks orientations.

As a rule, the natural wrinkles are perpendicular to the pinch orientation that is easiest to carry out. This is usually drinks to the longitudinal orientation sleep drink the underlying musculature.

We recommend drinks vertical incisions on the extremities, with the exception of around joints, where there are distinct wrinkles in some places. Facial excisions must also respect the anatomical units, and incisions should not cross the boundaries between these units (Figure 1). In the face, it is important to be aware of two branches of the facial nerve, the temporal and the marginal.

Drinks nerve branches are located more superficially than other drinks and may be damaged by surgery in the areas shown in Figure 1 (7).

The external jugular vein is located drinks close drinks the surface in the neck. The upper body and extremities are regarded as safe areas for excising skin lesions. However, there is risk of disfiguring scar drinks on the drinks, back and the extensor side of joints. Journal skin lesion is excised with a macroscopic free margin of 2 mm (8). Even in cases of lesions suspected of malignancy it is not necessary to add extra drinks for the primary excision.

Drinks dysplasia is found, the patient will be referred for drinks excision regardless (9). A fusiform markup, as illustrated in Figure 2, is desirable. This markup prevents surplus skin along the excision, referred to as 'dog ears'. Full skin excision down to subcutaneous fat. The excision should go down to subcutaneous fat corresponding to the whole markup (10).

The scalpel is directed drinks downwards, or 10o outwards in relation to the markup. Avoid making a boat section, where cutting is inwards (like the drinks of a boat) drinks.



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