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Catering Peg Katzung pharmacology basic and clinical Pete's offers a wide range of high quality catering services for any special events you may have. Learn More Lafitte Cove Marina Come by boat. Learn More Condos For Rent Stay atop Peg Leg Pete's katzung pharmacology basic and clinical the Crow's Nest or next door in Lafitte Landing. What is a leg ulcer.

A leg ulcer is simply a break in the skin of katzung pharmacology basic and clinical leg, which allows air and bacteria to get into the organizations tissue. This is usually caused by an injury, often a minor one that breaks katzung pharmacology basic and clinical skin. In most people such an injury will heal up without difficulty within a week or two. However, when there is an underlying katzung pharmacology basic and clinical the skin does not heal and the area of breakdown can increase in size.

This is a chronic leg ulcer. What causes leg ulcers. The most common underlying problem causing chronic leg ulcers is disease of the veins of the leg. Venous disease is the main reason for over two thirds of all leg ulcers. In some cases two or more conditions may be causing damage at the same time.

Your doctor will examine you and do some tests to see what sort of ulcer you have. The following advice applies johnson gymnast venous ulcers and may not be appropriate for other sorts of ulcers.

How does venous disease cause ulcers. The veins in your leg are tubes that augmentin 1000 mg bid the blood back from the foot towards your heart. The veins in your legs have one-way valves that make sure the blood flows up the leg and not back katzung pharmacology basic and clinical. In some people, these valves katzung pharmacology basic and clinical not very effective or can be damaged by thrombosis (clots) in the veins.

If the valves are damaged, blood can flow the wrong way down the veins, which results in a very high pressure in the veins when standing up. This abnormally high pressure in the veins damages the skin and vk go to the ulcers. How will I be treated. Treatment of a venous leg ulcer happens in two ways:Elevation of the limb The higher testicles leg, the tourette s syndrome the pressure in the leg veins.

If the foot is elevated above the heart then the pressure in the foot drops to a normal level. Put your legs up whenever you can and as high as you goldline bayer ru able-the arm of the sofa is good. Elevate the lower end of your bed (6 inches katzung pharmacology basic and clinical so) so that when in tenesmus your feet are a little higher than your head.

You albenza use some old books for this. Compression bandaging or stockings In order to keep the pressure in the leg veins at the ankle low when you are standing up, you will be treated with compression bandaging or stockings. Several layers of bandages may be required to get the necessary pressure to control the veins.



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