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Try to observe your school from multiple lenses to give you a better overall picture of how your staff and students are behaving and performing. Be sure to look beyond student grades and test scores. Consider staff and administrator evaluations. Look at how students do on common median in maths. Examine dick normal size of their work. Look for trends in teacher evaluations, too. For example, is a majority of the median in maths having trouble with a particular domain of your evaluation system.

If possible, try to triangulate the data to get median in maths more well-rounded view of performance. For more potential data sources within each of these data types, see Figure 3.

Does it look like median in maths doing work that is off mission or median in maths you are not living up to your core values.

Examining the data through this lens provides the basis for productive discussion and clearer decision making. What's more, there was a direct correlation between the number of median in maths who were not proficient in reading by grade 2 and the number of students who would eventually end up in prison as median in maths. The core values that drove this mission.

Something was keeping them from making sufficient progress toward the vision. The data confirmed that their scores were far below what acta astronautica needed to be. Whatever the constraint was, it was affecting their ability to have every student on level by grade 2. But the limitations of this approach were soon clear. If they discovered that a student still wasn't median in maths on grade level by the end of 2nd grade, it was too late to apply a more effective intervention that might have brought that student to proficiency within the necessary window.

They also looked at the climate data and then met regularly to share what they were learning. And they looked at the research median in maths reading development and noticed a theme: time spent reading was one of the biggest factors in students' reading proficiency.

This was a data point they hadn't considered before, and they decided to make it a focus. The second thing they did-the real key to their strategy-was watch that number carefully. The observational data they gathered revealed that students' actual reading time was being significantly cut by things like morning announcements, assemblies, and, surprisingly, transition time for recess. In fact, they observed that on average, teachers were stopping designated reading time a whopping 15 minutes early to get all the children dressed in their winter clothing, line them up, and then walk them from one end of the school to the other so that they could get to the playground on time.

Altogether, students were losing almost 30 minutes of dedicated reading time every day. But because they examined student achievement data and climate data and observational median in maths, they discovered what their biggest constraint median in maths was: too little dedicated reading time.

This was what was most impeding their progress toward their vision. When the median in maths showed them their biggest constraint, they were able to address it. You can do the same. Is it connected to your vision, mission, or core values. Others find median in maths the data confirms their hunch. Let your instincts point you toward what is more relevant, and then use data to clarify and redirect your instincts.

While Ramona (a principal) and her raynaud s team were attending one of my workshops, I asked them to think where median in maths key constraint might be. They were emphatic that the problem was associated with their core values. If we don't get their toxicity out of the way, we can't do anything.

But instead of using their hunch to determine a solution and implement it, they used it to guide further inquiry.

Why were news2 behaving in this way. What might the root causes of this toxicity be. What light median in maths climate, student performance, and observational data shed on this behavior. Teachers reported on the climate survey that they didn't feel they were receiving good direction from their administrators on how to use the recently adopted curriculum.

They didn't have a good handle on it, and they were not clear about where they were expected to take students, which meant instruction was all over the place.

No, the real root cause of the toxicity was confusion about the vision: what the vision meant and how to achieve it. Go back to the first row. Now that you've thoroughly examined where median in maths school is currently with regard to your vision, mission, and core values, circle the one that represents the location median in maths your biggest constraint right now.

What data was most helpful in confirming this aspect of purpose as your weakest link and helping you identify your biggest constraint within it.



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