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For more information on staying active, click here. You should see your GP if you have: A significant injury causing difficulty with weight bearing on the knee. If there is Repaglinide and Metformin HCl Tablets (Prandimet)- Multum swelling, redness or heat or the pain coincides with a fever or rash.

If the pain is in both knees or affecting other joints as well. Common causes of knee pain For additional information on the conditions below click on the Norethindrone Tablets (Nora-BE)- Multum Knee Osteoarthritis (Knee OA) This is an extremely common cause of knee pain and is caused by erosion or damage to the cartilage shock absorber of the knee with consequent pain.

Pain is usually on weight bearing and gets gradual worse. It affects approximately eight million people in the UK. The knee is the joint most commonly affected by Repaglinide and Metformin HCl Tablets (Prandimet)- Multum. Cartilage (meniscus) injury Commonest in younger people ( The cartilage shock absorbers, can become worn with general wear-and-tear hep c drugs commonly cause pain in older individuals.

Evidence shows that surgery is NOT effective for uncomplicated knee pain in these cases. In younger people they are usually caused by sudden twisting movements on a weight bearing of the knee, resulting in pain, swelling and sometimes locking of the knee. Anterior knee pain ( Patellofemoral pain) If pain occurs at the front of the knee( behind the knee cap) and is generally worse on sitting for long periods of time, or on climbing stairs this is the likely diagnosis. Usually settles with rest, anti-inflammatories and ice packs.

Exercises which strengthen the large muscles in the thigh are often helpful (e. These are usually injured during sudden twisting or changes of direction, often in contact sports such as football or rugby. Cruciate Ligament injury ( anterior and posterior) The cruciate ligaments, anterior and posterior, prevent forward and Repaglinide and Metformin HCl Tablets (Prandimet)- Multum movement of the femur on the tibia respectively.

Similar to collateral ligaments, they are injured during sudden trauma, usually in high velocity injuries such as rugby, skiing etc. It is a significant injury that requires clinical assessment. Swelling arising over a longer period Repaglinide and Metformin HCl Tablets (Prandimet)- Multum be assessed more routinely. Difficulty with weight bearing also demands more urgent assessment.

Patellar Tendinopathy This is generally a result of overuse, particularly from jumping-type or lunging activities, such as basketball or netball.

It cause pain, at the front of the knee, in the patellar tendon which runs from the knee cap ( patellar) to the upper tibia. Other causes of knee pain Simple strain Usually comes about after a minor injury, over activity or unusual activity, involving the knee. This should settle with self-management. Can usually be prevented by warming up carefully before exercise, stretching to cool down afterwards, increasing activity levels slowly over time and ensuring you have supportive footwear.

Self-management options are often effective. Resuming activity with lower impact activities such as swimming and cycling will help strengthen muscles while avoiding recurrence. Pain will be severe and require an assessment at accident and emergency. Instability is however more common. This is commoner in individuals who are female and hyperflexible. This condition is best managed by exercise advice from a physiotherapist. Usually responds well to self-management advice.

Pain usually improves before the swelling, which can take longer to completely disappear. The thighbone meets the large shinbone forming the main knee joint, and the kneecap joins the femur to form a third joint, called the patellofemoral joint.



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