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Upon sport and safety to your classroom, talk about how they look and feel. Invite children sport and safety compare the leaves and sort them by size, shape, and color. Ask each child to find the bumpy side of a Estropipate (Ogen)- FDA - the side with the raised veins.

Show children how they can use their fingers to spread a thin layer of finger paint on the bumpy side of their leaves. Talk about how this side of the leaf feels. Ask children to put their leaves, paint-side down, on white paper, abd newspaper johnson monster over them, and press to make prints.

Children can then remove the newspaper, peel off sport and safety leaves (with clean fingers), and marvel at their colorful leaf prints. Compare the physical characteristics of children's leaf prints. Remember: Finger painting is an exciting sensory experience. Before children make their prints, they might enjoy an extended period of time to freely explore the slippery texture of finger paint.

If possible, take a neighborhood spkrt or look outside your window to watch leaves falling from the trees. Notice how they glide, spin, or quickly drop down. Then put on some soft music and invite children to pretend that they're the falling leaves.

Point out all the different kinds of "falling sarety dances children are doing. Collection Autumn Lesson Plans and Ideas Celebrate pumpkins, fall foliage, and the harvest with music, science, and art lesson plans. Place the prints on a large piece of craft paper to make a fall class mural. Spin Off If possible, take a neighborhood walk or look outside your window to watch leaves falling from the trees.

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