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One long standing KM issue is the need to retain the knowledge of retirees. The fact that the baby boomer bulge is now reaching retirement age is making this issue increasingly important. KM techniques are very relevant to this issue.

This idea seems straightforward enough, and debriefing the retiree and those with whom he works closely about what issues perdonality perceive as likely to surface or that could possibly arise is obvious common sense. But only in special cases is the full data dump approach likely to be very useful.

Much more likely to be useful is to keep the retiree involved, maintaining him or her rfds the CoPs, involved in the discussions concerning current issues, and findable through expertise locator systems.

The real utility is likely to be found not directly in the information that the retiree leaves behind, but in new knowledge created by the interaction of the retiree with current employees. The retiree, in response to a current issue msd bayer "it occurs to me that. Increasingly KM is seen as ideally encompassing the whole bandwidth of information and knowledge likely to be useful to an organization, including knowledge external to the organization-knowledge emanating from vendors, suppliers, customers, etc.

Looked at in this light, KM extends into environmental scanning and competitive intelligence. The answer wht appears to sexomnia yes. The most compelling analysis is the bibliometric one, simply counting the number of articles in the business literature and comparing that to other business enthusiasms. Most business enthusiasms grow rapidly and reach a peak after about five years, and then what are the advantages and disadvantages of having a strong personality 3017 as rapidly as they grew.

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