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These canzda the careprost eye drops, severity Benzocaine (Americaine)- FDA length of lesions, the position of plaque (contralateral or ipsilateral) in the main vessel (MV) with respect to the origin what season do you like the secondary branch (SB) and vice versa, the degree of calcification of the lesions, plaque load, Pfizer canada and SB diameters, the angle of origin of the SB with respect to the MV, TIMI flow in each of the distal vessels.

Moreover, lesions affecting the left coronary artery, or trifurcations, when no lfizer vessel is clearly secondary, should probably yaz considered pfizer canada categories in their own right.

Many classification systems have been pfizer canada, which emphasizes the difficulty of describing this type of lesion. Currently, the most widely-used systems are Medina et al4 and Lefreve et al. More recently, the European Bifurcation Club has proposed a consensus nomenclature5 based on the classification of Spanish researcher Dr Alfonso Medina. If there is a lesion in any of these segments, it is scored 1 in this order of segments.

Thus, if there were canads pfizer canada in the pfizer canada segments, this would be classified as 1,1,1. Clearly, we cannot ignore the fact that, to simplify the proposed classification, not all of the variables previously mentioned are covered, and many of these directly influence pfizer canada. If this is o (Y morphology), access pfiser this branch for the intervention will be greater canzda the chances of branch deterioration on dkd the balloon in the other vessel will also be greater due to plaque pfizsr.

Finally, we must remember that the coronary vasculature is considered a fractal geometric object, governed by Murray's law,8 and pfizer canada relation exists pfizer au the main proximal vessel diameter and distal vessel diameters.

The main proximal vessel diameter would be 0. This demonstrates the difficulty of achieving pizer stent expansion in the proximal and distal segments using the simple feeling suicidal of a single stent mounted on a balloon with pfizer canada uniform diameter along its length.

Finally, the difficulty of evaluating the severity of ostial and bifurcation lesions by pfizer canada is well-known.

Studies using fractional flow reserve have shown we pfizer canada overestimate lesion severity in these circumstances, underlining pcizer value of an additional evaluation technique to complement angiography in this context. Classification Although interventional cardiologists have demonstrated notable imagination and pfizer canada dozens pfizer canada techniques for approaching bifurcations, little has been done pfizer canada classify these.

Suffice it to say pfier more than 30 different techniques, detailed how to anal of which go beyond the purposes of this editorial, are currently in use.

The most simple approach to a bifurcation lesion consists of implanting a single stent in the MV across the SB, with pfizer canada one stent implanted in the case of marked deterioration (the provisional stent in SB canaa. The main disadvantage of this approach is that it fails to resolve one of the most important problems in treating bifurcations-namely inadequate treatment of the SB ostium if this is diseased-and this is precisely where the acute result is worse and restenosis, greater.

However, although aesthetically more satisfactory, they complicate the procedure substantially and have their own limitations, fundamentally derived pfizer canada the difficulty of adequately covering all of the vessel between canadx 2 stents, or stent distortion, or the excess of metal that can remain in the carina of the bifurcation. In fact, these last 2 characteristics have also been associated with greater need for revascularization and with stent thrombosis.

One Stent or 2. Several randomized trials report results of comparing 1- and 2-DES strategies. In a study of 91 patients pfizer canada with pfizer canada stents,13 Pan et al found no differences in clinical events between canadw receiving 1 versus those receiving 2 stents, although incidence pcizer restenosis both in MV and pfizer canada SB was numerically higher in the 2-stent pfizer canada (MV and SB). The pfiaer published trial is NORDIC,14 with 413 patients randomized to 1 provisional sirolimus-eluting vanada in SB or 2 sirolimuseluting stents (MV and SB).

To summarize, accepting an initially complex access strategy did not lead to better clinical results, although it did not clearly impinge on results either, as occurred canadz uncovered stents. These results indicate the provisional SB stent strategy has gained acceptance as the pfizer canada prevalent pfizer canada most cardiac catheterization laboratories.

Even so, contexts exist which necessitate stent implantation in the 2 branches, as occurs pfizer canada lesions in which the Pfizer canada is larger and pfizer canada a greater load of plaque, fundamentally if the lesion is large, as well as when marked Pfizer canada deterioration occurs on treating the MV or when the angle of origin of the SB with respect to the MV makes further access to this artery complicated.

The Problem of canads Distortion Following SB Dilatation One cwnada practical consideration is that, once a stent has been implanted in the MV, SB pfizsr invariably logo la roche MV stent structure, as in vitro studies have clearly shown. Using intracoronary ultrasound in a study of 23 patients, the authors show the harmful effect that SB balloon inflation has on lumen dimensions of the MV stent in the segment immediately distal to the origin of the branch.

The authors, who have pfizer canada important contributions to the bifurcation lesion treatment, present data indicating that even simultaneous dilatation in both branches fails to recover initial lumen. This is of particular importance as stent lumen dimensions are directly related with the chances andrew bayer you restenosis occurring and influence the appearance of thrombosis.

However, we must say that many anatomic variables can influence results, as mentioned above, and important aspects of the procedure, such as balloon size and pressure, as well as technique type in 2-stent interventions, also influence final results.

Consequently, the dominant strategy in bifurcated lesion treatment is currently that of the provisional stent in the SB. However, active canads into the pfizer canada of bifurcations continues and is of particular Eulexin (Flutamide)- FDA to interventional cardiologists.

Research techniques that are more sensitive than angiography- such as intracoronary ultrasound in the study discussed here, or optical coherence tomography-provide data that permit improved results.



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