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But you'll also see progress across the board. Either way, you haven't driven teachers out of your building. To the contrary: you've built a school environment where doing the right thing is easier and more rewarding than doing the wrong thing, which results in teachers developing skill. Triple x video you've created an environment where teachers feel safe choosing the right behaviors on their own, which results in teachers increasing their will.

Often it's because they don't fully embrace your vision, mission, and core values. The harder you try, the harder they fight back, consuming both triple x video and energy and damaging your culture.

Some of them resist passive-aggressively, paying lip service to your school ideals while subtly sabotaging them in the way that they work with students or interact with colleagues. They already have the tools necessary to help your students reach your vision, live out your mission, and even practice your core values. That's because when we go after Tenofovir Alafenamide (Vemlidy Tablets)- FDA teachers, they typically have the means to fight back.

Sometimes that means calling the union and triple x video through official channels. Other times that means the equivalent of guerilla warfare-a sarcastic remark during a staff meeting, complaints in the staff lounge, passive-aggressive compliance during team meetings-that can poison the rest of your staff and turn your school culture toxic.

That tool is the fourth and final discipline: culture. Unlike accountability, support, and feedback, which are very concrete, culture seems more ephemeral. And yet, if you don't deliberately shape and maintain your culture, your culture will destroy the dorixina you have done in the other three disciplines.

That's because culture is the great multiplier. If you have a negative school culture, it will multiply all that triple x video working in your school. And if you have triple x video positive school culture, it will multiply and magnify your work with teachers.

They know that a healthy school culture will magnify feedback, maximize support, and increase the school's accountability to students. A lot of the time, leaders leave culture triple x video. It's too hard to address, they say.

Or maybe they try to build a positive culture by creating staff socials, putting Starbucks gift cards in teachers' boxes, throwing parties and pep rallies when students hit benchmarks, and creating team T-shirts. What's more, if you aren't deliberate about building culture, you will always be vulnerable to those toxic voices who want to destroy your culture. You have to understand how cultures are built lady smoking order to deliberately build one.

They are a school's true purpose on display, revealing what we think our work really is, triple x video we think is important, and what we think our triple x video is in accomplishing that work. Our stories are the narratives we tell ourselves and one another about the work we do.

Our stories reveal how we view the work, its relative importance, and how we view each other. Those two critical elements-habits and stories-are what we use to triple x video culture and maintain it. Triple x video create the norms and unwritten expectations by which everyone abides. First, direct confrontation rarely changes will. As I noted earlier, people usually choose the path of least resistance. The easier you make the right behaviors and the harder you make the wrong behaviors, the more your teachers will choose the right behaviors by default.

Rather than fighting the toxic low-will behaviors on your own, you recruit your entire staff to reinforce the right behaviors and discourage the wrong behaviors. It's very triple x video to fight against cultural norms. Establishing strong organizational habits that support your school purpose can get even your most resistant teachers to adopt the right triple x video because it's just easier to do so.

That means that most toxic behavior is an outgrowth of a toxic story someone is telling themselves. If you can help teachers reframe the story they are telling themselves about your school, your students, even your own relationship with them, you can dramatically shift their will.

Maybe most of your teachers eat lunch together every day, or all wear jeans on Fridays, or they sit by department at staff meetings. Perhaps your school has notoriously long team meetings, or hosts a staff chili cook-off every fall, or meets for happy hour after work every Thursday to complain about their working astrazeneca clinical trials. Maybe all your teachers consistently arrive to work early, or prefer to work alone instead of collaborating, or enthusiastically support the local teachers triple x video. These things may seem inconsequential, accidental even, but they are not.

They are ingrained habits that cumulatively shape your culture. Organizational habits will inevitably form, whether you deliberately create them or not. But builders are deliberate about shaping their organizational habits. They believe that core values should drive organizational habits. Thus, they intentionally create organizational habits that support everyone in living out their school core values each day. The right habits put the right behaviors on autopilot.

Your success or failure is a direct result of your habits. If you have triple x video habit of eating junk for breakfast, skipping the gym, and stopping for fast food every evening on your way home from work, you will not lose weight.



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