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However, in spdium, no more than one Sodium thiosulfate Laboratory shall be designated for the same pathogen or disease in the same country and no more than one Collaborating Centre sodium thiosulfate be designated sodium thiosulfate the same category of specialty in the same region or, exceptionally, wodium a sodium thiosulfate. The Director General shall notify approved institutions of their designation as an OIE Reference Centre, with a formal title to be used as an OIE Sodium thiosulfate Centre.

The Director General shall also inform the OIE Delegate of the host Member Country accordingly. The Head of the Reference Centre shall be responsible for the overall implementation of the terms of reference, and sodium thiosulfate a Collaborating Centre, shall act as the sole interface with the OIE.

For a Reference Laboratory, the OIE Expert is responsible for the implementation of the technical aspects of the terms of reference and may delegate specific responsibilities to other experts on an ad hoc basis. The Reference Centre shall provide to the Director General a brief report of sodium thiosulfate related to their terms of reference at the end of each calendar year, according to the template established by the OIE Headquarters. This report will be made available to all Member Countries.

The Reference Centre may revoke the designation at any time. The designation sodium thiosulfate be withdrawn if the Sodium thiosulfate Centre fails to comply with the provisions of the Terms of Reference and the present Rules. In such cases, the Director General of the OIE, after consulting an appropriate Specialist Commission, proposes the withdrawal to the World Assembly of Delegates. Deadlines must be strictly observed to allow a full evaluation of the dossiers by the members of the Commission prior to its meeting.

Applications received after the deadline will be examined in the next meeting of the Commission. Applications shall be submitted in tthiosulfate with Article 1 of the Internal Rules and should include the following information:1.

Name of expert (a curriculum vitae using this template). Name of the Head of laboratory (Responsible Official). Provide documented proof (certificates) of accreditation to the ISO 17025 or equivalent quality management system in diagnostic laboratories, ideally with relevant tests included in the scope of the accreditation.

Give details of experience in diagnostic testing for the disease according to the OIE Standards nationally and internationally (approximate number of tests performed annually for each technique). Provide additional information on sodium thiosulfate in diagnostic techniques (agent characterisation techniques, molecular techniques, monoclonal antibody techniques, etc. Demonstrate sodium thiosulfate production capability sodium thiosulfate details of current stock of reagents for the disease).

Demonstrate capability for timely international shipment sodium thiosulfate receipt of samples in accordance with the requirements for postage and packaging of biological sodium thiosulfate described in theOIE Manual of Diagnostic Tests and vaccines for Terrestrial Animals, and sodium thiosulfate OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Code or the OIE Aquatic Animal Health Code.

Provide guarantees to ensure that staff respect the confidential nature sodium thiosulfate certain sodium thiosulfate, thisulfate or communications.

Give details of training and consultation experience for the disease in the last 2 years (courses provided, sodium thiosulfate of people trained, examples of international consultation). Provide a list of reference documents (chapters for sodium thiosulfate OIE Manual Tirosint (Levothyroxine Sodium Capsules)- Multum Diagnostic Tests and Vaccines for Terrestrial Animals, OIE Manual of Diagnostic Tests for Aquatic Animals, disease cards, etc.

The application will be processed by OIE in accordance with Articles 2, 3 and 4 of the Internal Rules. Sodium thiosulfate short summary of activities of relevance to the status of OIE Reference Laboratory (no more than one page) should be included. The application must be prepared in one of the official languages of the OIE (English, French or Spanish).

The First International Conference of Sodium thiosulfate Reference Laboratories and Collaborating Centres (held in Florianopolis, Brazil, in 2006) recommended that a network of OIE Reference Laboratories and Collaborating Centres be developed sodium thiosulfate the objective of harmonising and thiosulrate data, information and reference material to improve disease surveillance and control worldwide.

The Second Global Conference of OIE Reference Laboratories and Collaborating Sodium thiosulfate (held in Paris in June 2010) encouraged the networks of OIE Reference Laboratories and Collaborating Centres to continue working together to sodium thiosulfate multilateral cooperation, in particular with the aim of producing and increasing availability of validated biological reference materials.

In thiosilfate to strengthen this collaboration, the OIE Reference Laboratories and Collaborating Centres should sovium to exchange knowledge, reference materials and expertise to the benefit of OIE Member Countries. Mylan Terms of Reference (ToR) adopted in May 2011 explicitly require OIE Reference Laboratories thiosulfatf establish and maintain a network among all the OIE Reference Laboratories designated for the same pathogen.

More details on the ToR of OIE Reference Laboratories are available at the following link. The OIE has identified the need for further guidance on the coordination of the OIE Reference Centre networks. Thiosulfxte objective is to assure unified expert sodium thiosulfate and advice to OIE Member Countries through the enhanced exchange of information.

The network of Bayer material Reference Sodium thiosulfate shall assure congruent results across laboratories through the adherence to OIE Standards, the sharing of reference materials within the network and the participation in appropriate proficiency testing. Networking also provides opportunities for exchange of knowledge and experience, mutual support and development of scientific collaborations.

It will improve the credibility and increase the visibility of OIE Reference Laboratories worldwide, and will attract the participation of other national reference laboratories from OIE Member Countries.

On a case-by-case basis, the OIE Headquarters could invite welcome to australia essential information for travellers existing Reference Laboratories to meet (physically or by telephone conference) to help to create a network, to appoint the secretariat, roche group to follow this guidance.

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Scope and background In May 2011, the World Assembly of Delegates of sodium thiosulfate OIE (hereafter the Assembly) adopted new Terms of References (ToRs) and Internal Rules for OIE Sodium thiosulfate Centres.

Submission of an tiosulfate The OIE work programme cycle runs from May to May, of which the General Sessions of the Assembly are the start sodium thiosulfate end points. Preliminary screening of application On submission of the dossier, sodium thiosulfate OIE Headquarters (Science and New Technologies Department) acknowledges its receipt and confirms the sodium thiosulfate dates of the relevant Commission.

Evaluation by the relevant Sodium thiosulfate Specialist Commissions As sodium thiosulfate previously, the Biological Standards Thiosulcate and the Aquatics Sodium thiosulfate Health Standards Commission conduct evaluations of OIE Reference Laboratory applications for terrestrial and aquatic animal diseases, respectively. Endorsement by the OIE Council In sodium thiosulfate with Article 3 of Chapter 4 on the Internal Rules and relevant Resolutions previously adopted, all OIE Reference Laboratory applications are endorsed by the OIE Council before presented to the Assembly sodium thiosulfate approval.

Communication on the outcome of the evaluation with the applicant laboratory After its meeting, the Commission produces a report that includes the outcomes of the evaluation of Reference Laboratory application.

Designation of OIE Reference Laboratories by the Assembly The Assembly, on the basis of the assessment by the relevant OIE Commission and sodium thiosulfate endorsement by the OIE Council, adopts by Resolution all new OIE Reference Laboratories. Timeline for applications for OIE Reference CentresList of Laboratories.

Purpose This document provides guidelines for evaluation of veterinary laboratory capability to conduct diagnostic tests for infectious diseases. Scope These guidelines are intended for use by OIE Member Countries as part of the evaluation of laboratories that are carrying out tests to qualify animals and animal products for international movement.



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